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The promotion of high-quality stage combat with roots in historical technique for education and entertainment


Each term, new classes in various disciplines and styles are offered based on a rotating schedule. Class schedules vary depending on availability of instructors and students per term.

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Want to see what this whole stage combat thing is about?  Want to try out some choreography before you go to work on a show, or get a few more reps in on some basic techniques?  Are you a stage combat teacher who wants some lab time and space to try out some new lessons?  Open gym exists for you.

Open Gyms have been at the core of the MN stage combat community for years, and we're pleased to offer this regular opportunity for connection and training.  There will be a modest armory of theatrical prop weapons onsite with which to play, but otherwise BYOSword and come ready to have a good time training.


We are still working on our open gym calendar for the spring, please check back soon for updates.

Get a glimpse into our way of doing things, featuring students and staff from our fall 2018 classes.

Special Thanks to Kayla Martin for capturing this slice of life for us.

What People Are Saying

Mike Lubke has built a great collection of SAFD certification-geared courses with a group of highly capable assistants. These classes are challenging, informative, and very enjoyable.

Alex Galick

Not only have I been able to earn two certifications through Art in Arms, but I have gained some incredible friendships along the way. This staff is does a phenomenal job of meeting students at any level, to provide safe training with a lot of laughter.

Elizabeth Cassidy


Whether onstage, on set, or in the classroom, the team at Art in Arms are the finest professionals I have ever worked with. Highly competent and extremely passionate about their art, I look forward to working with them every chance I get!

Jake Stone



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Hive Martial Arts (MN Karate and Fitness)
​​1085 10th Ave SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414