Fight Direction for Stage and Screen

In addition to training performers, Art in Arms' founder Mike Lubke provides fight choreography services for professional theatres, collegiate and other educational institutions, as well as film/new media productions.  Take a look at what we've done and see if you'd like to work with us on your next project!

Our choreography has been seen on the stages of

Park Square Theatre

The Guthrie

Children's Theatre Company

History Theatre

...and many more!

You can download his choreography resume here:


Hamline University

Stunt Coordination - "Wrong Man" music video
Stunt Coordination - "Wrong Man" music video

Strange and Distant Pictures

Closing Gate Performance
Closing Gate Performance

Minnesota Renaissance Festival


Hamline University

What People are Saying

Mike Lubke’s fight choreography is a lot of fun to watch in action…

Matthew Everett
TC Daily Planet Review: The Good Fight

The abundant and a major attraction in its own right.

Basil Condine

TC Daily Planet Review: The Beaux' Stratagem

The fight choreography was INCREDIBLE. I've been seeing theater consistently for the past 10 years and I haven't seen fight choreography this realistic before.

Erin Gassner

Fringe Review - John Blade

Mike Lubke’s fight choreography is daring, exciting, and well-executed.

Laura VanZandt

One Girl, Two Cities: She Kills Monsters

Fight choreographer Mike Lubke has created outrageously funny and masterful swordplay scenes.

John Townsend

Lavender Magazine Review: The Beaux' Stratagem

... I would see this one again just for the amazing fight scenes.

Heidi Ziemer

Fringe Review - John Blade

Don't just take their word for it, see for yourself!