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Foundations Course Information

Summer 2023: July 1 - August 6

SAFD Skills Test Courses

Our SPT Foundations courses all culminate in the opportunity to take part in the Skills Proficiency Test for the Society of American Fight Directors.  The SAFD is the largest stage combat training organization in the country, serving as a network of professionals who collaborate and cross-train to maintain a set of professional standards in the field of stage combat.  All our courses exceed the 30-hour minimum training requirement to ensure students are well prepared to enter the professional realm at a high level of proficiency.

Participating in an SAFD test event is not required to participate in the full course, but does gives you the opportunity to have your skills observed and critiqued by a third-party eye with decades of professional experience.  SAFD adjudicators are collegiate program heads, Broadway choreographers, and award-winning fight coordinators for blockbuster films.  It is a unique opportunity in arts education to have your skills compared against a national industry standard.

The adjudication for the Summer 2023 Session is TBD - probably somewhere August 11-13, or potentially a video test.


Quarterstaff SPT Course
Saturdays & Sundays 10:00am - 1:00pm
CT/FD Mike Lubke


Encompassing a variety of historical styles and aesthetics ranging from Egyptian tahtib to classic English robin hood to Shaolin spear, we'll dive into the diverse array of ways to connect the performer to one of the simplest props in existence.  Beyond attacks and defenses, students will learn how to ground themselves for stability and power, as well as deepen their understanding of leverage, angles, and biomechanics.

This foundations course  is designed to give students all the tools they need to confidently and convincingly perform theatrical violence that is both safe and dramatically effective. No prior experience necessary.  Whether you're a performer, choreographer, or just someone who wants to get a bit of a workout on weekends while swinging sticks around, this class is for you.

Special note:  This session will be outdoors!  To accommodate more students for our shorter summer session, these classes will take place at Weida Park - 637 Burr St. Saint Paul, MN 55130.  It is a 5 minute walk from our studio, which we will have available for restrooms, refrigeration for snacks, and air conditioning should the summer climate disagree with them.  

On-Camera Combat (non-spt)
Saturdays 2pm - 4pm
Stunt Coordinators Mike Lubke and Tom Ringberg

Designed for aspiring actors and enthusiasts alike, this comprehensive program delves deep into the intricacies of on-camera combat. Under the guidance of seasoned instructors, you'll learn the fundamentals of fight choreography, honing your skills in punches, kicks, blocks, and other common choreographic elements. Gain a solid understanding of camera angles, timing, and on-screen presence, allowing you to deliver authentic and captivating fight sequences. Throughout the course, you'll receive hands-on training, practice realistic on-set scenarios, and receive personalized feedback to enhance your performance. Unleash your inner action star and develop the techniques necessary to bring dynamic fight scenes to life.

As the SAFD noes not issue certificates in on-camera combat, this course will not culminate in an SPT.  Instead, students will perform in and film multiple fight scenes for use in their own personal reels.


How Do I Register?

Head on over to our Registration page to get started.  There you can pick a course, enter your contact information, and pay your deposit to hold your spot in class.

Quarterstaff: $400

On-Camera Combat: $150 ($25 discount for returning AIA SPT students)


Our classes require a non-refundable $50-per-course deposit (which goes towards the full tuition) at the time of registration.  To sign up for multiple courses, simply register for each course you're interested in individually, and process each deposit separately.  We will handle the remaining balance in-person with flexible payment plans available. 

After you register, you will need to send in an image of your vaccination card to confirm your vaccination status.  If you do not have your card, please contact us and we will see what alternate verification we can secure.

Cancellation Policy: due to class sizes being limited, barring special circumstances, any cancellations occurring after the 2nd session of classes will be responsible for the full course tuition.

If you have any questions regarding registration, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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